Maximumcatch Fly Fishing Rod Combo 7.6FT 3WT 4Pcs Fly Rod BLC 3/4WT Fly Reel with Fly Lines Combo

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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Lake,Reservoir Pond,River,Stream
Top Diameter: 2.2mm
Category: Fly Fishing Rod
Hardness: Hard
Model Number: Fly Rod 7634 Combo-X65
Material: Carbon
Fly Rod Length: 7.6FT
Fly Rod Line Weight: 3WT
Fly Rod Section: 4Pcs
Fly Reel : 3/4WT Fly Reel with lines
Weight Forward Fly Line: 100FT 3WT Fly Line
Fly Box : Plastic Fly Box
Backing Fly Line : 20LB 100 Yards Backing Orange Color
Dry Flies: 12 Pcs Dry Fly Flies
Tapered Leader: 9FT 6X
Loop: 30 LB