Ultra Fishing Lure Kit Soft Lure + Offset Worm Hook/Jig Head Crank Fishhooks Saltwater Fresh Water

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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,Reservoir Pond,River,Stream
Brand Name: Goture
Category: Lure Kit
Type: Artificial Bait
Model Number: Z00315/Z00316/Z00317/Z00318
Item Type: Offset Hook Worm Lure Kit
Kit 1: 5pcs Worm Lure+10pcs 3.5g jig hook
Kit 2: 5pcs Worm Lure+10pcs 5g jig hook
Kit 3: 5pcs Worm Lure+10pcs 7g jig hook
Kit 4: Worm Lure+50pcs offset hook
Material Of Lure: Silicone
Material of Hook: Stainless Steel/High Carbon Steel
Jig Hook Size: 3.5g 5g 7g
Offset Worm Hook : #2 #1 #1/0 #2/0 #3/0
Lure Size: 10cm 4.7g