Leo 10pcs 3 Models 14/17/22cm Paulownia Wood Fishing Float Vertical Buoy Hard Tail Fish Float

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Brand Leo
Item Vertical Buoy
Material Fortune Paulownia Wood
Models 14cm brwon, 17cm green, 22cm red
Quantity 10 pieces in 1 pack
Model 1: (A)Length: Approximately 14cm (5.5 in)Weight: Approximately 2g (0.07 oz)Package Size: Approximately 14*11*1cm (5.5*4.3*0.4 in)Package Weight: Approximately 25g (0.9 oz)Model 2:  (C)Length: Approximately 17cm (6.69 in)Weight: Approximately 3g (0.1 oz)Package Size: Approximately 17*9*1.3cm (6.69*3.5*0.5 in)Package Weight: Approximately 25g (0.9 oz) Model 3: (B)Length: Approximately 22cm (8.66 in)Weight: Approximately 4g (0.14 oz) (Printing 2.0g / 0.07 oz)Package Size: Approximately 22*9.5*0.8cm (8.66*3.74*0.31 in)Package Weight: Approximately 22g (0.78 oz)Features: 10 pieces in each pack. Made of paulownia wood with excellent buoyancy. Lightweight and durable fishing floats. Applicable for most types of fishing. Package Included: 1 Pack of 10 Pcs Fishing Floats