3/4 5/6 7/8 Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Combo with Flies Fly Fishing Line Set Fly Tying Materials

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Position: Ocean Boat Fishing,Ocean Rock Fshing,Ocean Beach Fishing,Lake,Reservoir Pond,River,Stream
Brand Name: Goture
Category: Fly Fishing Rod
Hardness: Hard
Top Diameter: 1.3mm
Model Number: 3/4 fly fishing tackle set
Material: Carbon
Fly fihsing rod ength: 240cm or 270cm
Fly fihsing rod closed length: 57cm - 72.5cm
Fly fihsing rod section: 4
Fly fihsing rod weight: 87g - 114g
Reel color: black
Reel outer diameter: 85mm
Reel inner diameter: 56mm
Reel gear ratio: 1:1
Fly Reel weight: 160g
Fly Reel line capacity: 0.45m-200m